Enhancing Learning through Newspapers
Senthil Public School's Commitment to Newspaper in Education (NIE)

Newspaper in Education (NIE) is an innovative program that integrates the newspaper into the classroom as a valuable teaching tool. At Senthil Public School, we firmly acknowledge the significance of NIE in enriching our students' educational journey. NIE plays a pivotal role in fostering critical thinking, honing analytical skills, and enhancing reading comprehension and writing abilities among our students. Our educators utilize NIE as an invaluable resource, complementing their lesson plans by infusing current events and real-world issues into their teaching.

Apart from incorporating NIE into our curriculum, we actively engage in various activities organized by the NIE initiative. These activities encompass essay competitions, debates, and quizzes designed to nurture creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Through these initiatives, our students can showcase their knowledge and talents while honing essential life skills. At Senthil Public School, our dedication lies in delivering a comprehensive education that equips our students for success in every facet of their lives.


Senthil Public

Senthil Public School is known for its innovative approach to education and has been consistently ranked among the best schools in Salem, Tamilnadu. The school actively promotes Newspaper in Education (NIE) activities, encouraging students to develop their reading, writing, and analytical skills through current affairs and news-based activities.


The NIE Program of The Times of India in our school aims to empower young learners to be responsible global citizens of tomorrow. The students of classes VI to VIII read the NIE paper in class and are assessed periodically. This Program encourages them to read newspapers regularly.

Daily Descant

Topics are announced by the principal during the school assembly for discussion in the class. This will help the students to become aware of the day-to-day events in the world.

  • The students are well aware of current affairs.
  • Acquires skills in the presentation of a given topic.
  • Identifies the pros and cons of an event/idea/incident etc.
  • Uses well-known vocabulary for presenting a given topic to the gathering.
  • Gains confidence in the art of speaking to an audience.