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house system

The students from class 1 to XII in the school are divided into four houses – Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Topaz. Each house is headed by a housemistress, supported by an assistant housemistress. The significant care of the students is overseen by these house mistresses, contributing meaningfully to their development.

The four houses foster a healthy competitive spirit among themselves, strongly guided by their individual house spirits. This house system is strongly supported by the student council. The student council includes the head boy, assistant head boy, head volunteer for discipline, four house captains, and club secretaries chosen from senior students in classes IX to XII. Leadership and responsibility qualities are instilled in these young students from an early age, preparing them to face adult challenges with maturity and responsibility. The captains of each house stand as role models at the culmination of the years spent by a ‘Senthilian’. With character and integrity engineered into the psyche of these young adults, they leave the school ready to face the challenges of the outside world with a spring in their step and a song in their heart, gently guided by the ethos of the school - ‘love, compassion & power’.