5th Category Competition - III-V Compartment

5th Category Competition - III-V Compartment


An opportunity to showcase their creative talents of young buds of III-V Compartment


🎖️The 5th Class Competition that gave a platform for the children of III-V Compartment to display their creative best was conducted today in their classes.

🎖️Children of Class III tapped their culinary skills in the Captain Cook - fireless cooking competition and concocted a variety of food items.

🎖️Children of Class IV displayed their artistic best and came out with variety of Posters related to Our Earth - The Green Palace.

🎖️Children of Class V worked on their model-building and precision skills while making models related to India 2030.

🎖️Children of the 3 classes also displayed their oratorical skills by explaining about their presentations.

🎖️On the whole, this competition allowed the children to exhibit their vibrant colourful best.