English Oratory Competition

English Oratory Competition


“Words do two major things: they provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness.” Jim Rohn.

💫  English Oratory competition(finals) was conducted on (10-11-2023) for the Classes 1&2 ,on the basis of children selected prior in the preliminary round.

💫The topic was "If I have a super power" for class 1 and "The best day of my life" for class 2.

💫Children weaved an excellent stories, captivated the audience with lots of confidence,inventiveness and rich content.

💫Children dressed themselves as the characters,had placards and narrated their points in the most innovative way.

💫The audience and judges(Parent Judge, Teacher of 9&10 Compartment,HOD of English) were amazed,intrigued and astonished with the talk presented by our little champs.

💫The results were also disclosed at the same moment.

💫 This competition inspired the young minds to think creatively, build up confidence and rise up in laurels.