Visit to Lotus, Anbu Illam & Mother Teresa Homes

Visit to Lotus, Anbu Illam & Mother Teresa Homes


THE EPITOME OF BENEVOLENCE - Happiness is Helping Others

Date : 7th & 9th November

Senthil Public school’s classes 9 and 10 students extend compassionate support to the elderly and children in need.

As a part of their field trip the students of class 9 were taken to Lotus Home at Periyapudur and Arul Madha orphanage at kannukuruchi. 

The students of class 10 were taken to Anbu Illam, Old age home in Mathiammpatti and Mother Teresa Old Age Home. These students took up the responsibility of being sensible human persons by helping the needy. 

Children involved so eagerly in this compassionate act by collecting necessary items to be given to the needy. They contributed rice, dal, oil, toiletry items, bed sheets, snacks and masala items etc., They showed their love in action towards the elders was a heart touching scene. 

The children realised that helping others is not only good for them and a good thing to do, it also makes us happier and healthier too. 

The inmates of all the houses were so happy in receiving the children as their guests who interacted, sang songs and finally received the elders’ blessings. The children witnessed the joy of the inmates in the way they held their hands and through the pure smile.