Visit to Nirai Vaazvu Oldage Home

Visit to Nirai Vaazvu Oldage Home


Instilling the most idolized moment of nurturing compassion and to sow the seeds of charity in the mind of the students.

Salem, 6 Nov: Senthil Public School, Salem has been taking initiatives to instill values in the young minds as it is the need of the hour. As a part of this initiative, the students of class XI were taken to an old age home by name “NIRAI VAAZVU OLD AGE HOME” at Gajalnayakkanpatty in Salem. The students contributed provisions like rice, dhal, oil, etc., Further, to ensure their health and hygiene toiletries & health care essentials for daily use also were given to the inmates of the old age home. Students of XI & XII category had contributed remarkably and made it a great privilege for the school to grab the most idolized moment of nurturing compassion and to sow the seeds of charity in the mind of the students.

Upon reaching the old age home, the students were warmly greeted by the staff members and introduced to the residents. The facility appeared well-maintained, with a serene and comfortable environment. The students engaged in various activities with the residents, including drums, music, dance and songs etc., These activities not only provided physical and mental stimulation but also brought smile on their faces.  The smile sparkled on their faces had literally enlightened the spirits of our students. The inmates joined in by singing along, tapping their feet and enjoying the melodies. Students spent time talking individually with the residents, listening to life stories and interacting with them. This personalized interaction seemed to make them feel valued and cherished.

The visit to the old age was a rewarding experience for both the residents and the students as well. The joy and gratitude expressed by the elderly residents highlighted the importance of companionship and the positive impact that such interactions can have on their well-being. It also reminded the value of acknowledging and respecting the wisdom that comes with age.

The students intend to continue to visit and explore opportunities for regular engagement with the residents as these interactions contribute to fostering a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation among the elderly.

A Great Salute to all the students who made the contribution of charity & the visit, the most meaningful one!