National-Level Drawing Competition 2023

National-Level Drawing Competition 2023


Artistry in Motion-Our Drawing Contest's Finest!

Date: 20.09.2023

Day: Wednesday

Venue: Senthil Public School

Event name: National-Level Drawing Competition 2023

Artistry in Motion-Our Drawing Contest's Finest!

We're filled with exhilaration to proclaim the successful participants of the G20 Youth United Council of India in collaboration with Fit India National-Level Drawing Competition. The remarkable achievements reflect the dedication, hard work, and artistic prowess that is nurtured within the walls of our school.This accomplishment not only brings honor to our institution but also serves as a testament to the unwavering support and guidance provided by our esteemed drawing teachers.

The following names have emerged victorious by receiving prizes.

1.Roshini - VI F 

2.S.Prayukta - VII B 

3.Nithin.S - VII D 

4.Kanishka.A - VII H

Thank you.