A Day with Moon man

A Day with Moon man


Senthil Public School, Salem is earmarked for making its students garner the skills required for being competent. As a part of Science Club activity, Senthil Public School proudly powered the centre stage of Kandasamy Convention Hall at 9:30 a.m. The stage was adorned with the benign presence of the most revered and venerated Chief Guest Padma Shri. Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai. The Jamboree was set with the majestic arrival of the chief guest, graciously accompanied by his wife Mrs.Vasanthi Mylswamy Annadurai. The band with a boisterous boast escorted the guests. The day was a magnificent hit as the chief guest broke the new ground for the students to think scientifically for making India , the indomitable Country.

Mellifluous melody of prayer rendered by the students made the day so warm and divine. Followed by it was  a vivid introduction about the internationally acclaimed and adulated chief guest. The affable Chairman of Senthil Group of Schools, Senthil. Shri.C.Kandasamy facilitated the Padma Shri Dr.Mylswamy Annadurai and the vivacious Vice Principal Smt. S.Nalini fondly felicitated Smt. Vasanthi Mylswamy Annadurai. An added attraction was the arrival of the special guest Dr.Sasikumar a remarkable Opthalmologist.


The Chairman of Senthil Group of Schools, Senthil.Shri.C.Kandasamy enunciated the need of instilling moral values in the minds of the young and brave children. It added on the evidence the he is a man with latent vision and value.


Dr.Annadurai's address served as a wellspring of inspiration. He emphasized the moon's potential for addressing resource challenges, not only in India but also on a global scale. He underscored India's capacity to achieve this audacious endeavor and extended a heartfelt invitation to students, encouraging them to become part of this visionary undertaking in the future. His words resonated deeply with the audience, instilling a sense of purpose, and igniting the spark of exploration and innovation in the minds of the students.


He primed on the notable repercussions that the Earth would face on the mindless use of fossil fuels. He optimistically obliged the students to promote scientific instincts in them in order make India the superpower nation. The whole stage was blooming with his benevolent address . The fragrance of every word that he spoke filled in the air of the auditorium and allured the audience throughout.


He nearly inspired the thousands of young minds within a paltry span of time. Beyond any question, the students of Senthil Public School Salem especially 9-12 category had a lot of take away from his speech. He proved to be a magnanimous mentor.


The interrogative session by the students hallmarked the penchant that the have towards Science and Research field. All many questions were posed by the students were answered diligently by Padma Shri Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai. The whole floor was ignited with a novel spirit of verve and fervour.


The Members of the Management of Senthil Group of Schools - The Chairman Shri. Senthil.C. Kandasamy, The Vice – Chairperson Smt. Manimegalai Kandasamy, The Secretary Shri. K. Dhanasekar, The Correspondent Smt. Deepthi Dhanasekar, The Chief Executive Officer Shri. T. Sundaresan, The Senior Principal Shri. C.Srinivasan, The Principal Dr. V. Manoharan, The vice- Principal Smt. S. Nalini , The Academic Coordinators across the Staff members had extended their whole-hearted support and guidance for spicing up zeal and Zest of their students to the zenith of their holistic development. Kudos to the efforts of the school in shaping the students as Nation Builders!