Vegetable Sandwich Day


Sandwich is a good idea of making our food without the need of heating. To teach our kids about developing healthy food habits in place of junk food we, the Montessori Wing of SPS Salem conducted Vegetable Sandwich Day! As the concluding activity of the project Vegetables, we celebrate Vegetable Sandwich Day every year. Our children turned chefs for a day and learnt how to make a quick sandwich. To guide children to eat healthy from a tender age, Sandwich Day was celebrated on 4th of September 2023(Monday).

We have conducted the activity in our school premises, where students participated very enthusiastically. Vegetables of all kinds were exhibited in the lobby where children were brought and witnessed the rangoli of veggies. In their environment, they learnt how to chop the vegetables. They have spread the butter and jam in between the two bread slices, kept some vegetables like carrot, cucumber, tomato and made tasty sandwiches on their own with the help of their teachers. Teachers also made them understand the importance of vegetables for our health. We hope, all the parents encourage healthy food for their children rather than junk food. The children shared the sandwiches they made and later relished them with joy.