Dr. Maria Montessori Birthday Celebration

Dr. Maria Montessori Birthday Celebration


In any Montessori, annually August 31st is almost a sacred day as it is Dr. Maria Montessori’s birth date.

We celebrated 153rd birth anniversary of Dr. Maria Montessori who founded the most innovative method of education that is capable of unraveling the potentials of children in the most natural way without hindering their independence and without obscuring their uniqueness. Every environment and lobby were decorated with flowers and candles in the theme of color yellow. After lighting candles to honor her memory, the children went parade around the Montessori campus by wishing a very happy birthday and did the class activity of pasting petals on the picture of Maria Montessori.

This year we shifted our focus from just a celebration to instilling in our children the joy of showcasing their talents. They dressed up like Maria Montessori of different stages. Our tiny tots spoke eloquently about the life of Maria Montessori.

The Members of Management graced the celebration by their august presence. Our Scintillating Senior Principal Mr. C. Shrinivasan inaugurated the spree by liting up the candle and pasting the stamp of Maria Montessori on "153" to mark the importance of the year of celebration. It is followed by our Prudent Principal, Versatile Vice Principal and Amiable ACO's of Montessori and other compartments.