YMCA Independence Day Drawing Competition - Overall Trophy Winners!

 Independence day Drawing competition is organized by YMCA. We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of our school in the YMCA Independence Day Drawing Competition. With over 10 schools and 400 talented students participating, our school has emerged victorious, securing the coveted Overall Trophy! 

Mont Category

1.Hanisha  class M3- 2nd prize

I -II Category

1.R.R. Kriewin kumar class II - 1st prize 

III - V Category

1.Adesh.S class IV-1st prize

2.Arush.V.J class III -1st prize

3.Rishvika.K.M class - V -1st prize

4.Mashvin.K.G  class V- 3rd prize

5.K.A.Hanish class V - 2nd prize

6.Nivethitha.A.T class III - 3rd prize

VI-VIII Category

1.Sree varshini.V -class VIII -3rd prize

2.Sahithi.ST  - class VIII -2nd prize

3.Deepadharshan.S- class VII- 2nd prize     

 We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these talented young artists for their exceptional achievements and their contribution to our school's victory. Their dedication and passion for art are truly inspiring!