No Bag Day

No Bag Day


“ Not all the classrooms has four walls ”

We observed “No School Bag day” on 29/6/24  for our 3 to 5 compartment children and conducted the following activities. 

Class -3 

  • Coloring/drawing activity
  • Tamil activity- வார்த்தை விளையாட்டு, குறில் மற்றும் நெடில் எழுத்துக்களை கண்டுபிடி
  • Avoid plastics.
  • Math activity- make your own clock
  • 1st competition (Preliminary) of the Academic Year- Leaf Painting


  • Craft making
  • Hindi activity-consonants train
  • Science activity- Healthy diet-Chart making
  • 1st competition (Preliminary) of the Academic Year-Collage making


  • Craft making
  • English activity - Self-Introduction
  • Social science activity – Early human life model making & observations from school election.
  • 1st competition (Preliminary) of the Academic Year-making stone garden.

Children learned the general and subject wise information through the activities. They have completely enjoyed all the sessions. Children felt that it was a different exposure for them. All of them requested to conduct "No bag day" once in a month.