Class Colloquium

Class Colloquium


A Class Colloquium is a gathering of VI to VIII Students for various purposes, such as special programs or communicating information and main motto is to explore and accomplish our students’ talents. In our schools, we perform a class colloquium for VI – VIII category on every Tuesday in Auditorium. All the students were made to utilize this opportunity to exhibit their talents on the stage.

The surprise factor was that, the teachers of VI – VIII have performed Class Colloquium on 18th June, 2024, the Tuesday as a model Colloquium and to welcome the students for the new academic year 2024- 25. The students enjoyed the show as well as they were happy to see their teachers on the stage performing different activities like news report, storytelling, introducing new invention, yoga, song, craft, live documentary and so on. 

The students not only appreciated and encouraged the colloquium; they also learnt to perform a show on the stage, to face the audience, time management, confidence, team work, creativity and so on.

The teachers’ presentation was appreciated by all the students, Academic Coordinators, Principal. This was a good start for the new academic year.