Health and Safety are paramount – the reason why our labs adhere to all prescribed guidelines ensuring all necessary safety features.

maths lab

Amazing learning happens when a student himself does the theorems he has learned in math class. To enrich the teaching of Mathematics at the school level, an exclusive math lab has been set up. The “learning by discovery” approach is practised here and students are made to work on projects and activities, which highlight the relevance of mathematics.

They get first-hand experience. The lab also encourages group learning and cooperative learning among children. It not only encourages the ‘do & discover’ method but also removes the fear of Math and thus complements classroom learning.

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Biology lab

The Biology lab has darkrooms for optic experiments along with specialised equipment like Autoclave, Incubators, Vernier probes, Lab Quests, Light and Projection microscopes, various science models and so on.

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Chemistry lab

The Chemistry lab at SPS is well equipped with all modern apparatus. It is spacious, well-lit, and has the capacity to accommodate 30 students.

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Physics Lab

Our Physics lab is equipped with modern equipment like a Vander Graff generator, electricity, and magnetism-related tools along with equipment that helps conduct optic experiments.

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Computer Labs

We have 3 computer laboratories with 40 computers in each, accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers, and the curriculum.

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